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"Community Tax has been absolutely phenomenal! ... They over delivered!"

— Vincent R.

IRS Defense Services

Received a Lien or Wage Garnishment? Don't try to fight the IRS yourself when you can hire a team of Tax Practitioners and CPA's to represent you! You may not owe as much as the IRS says you do. Have one of our Tax Specialists help you today.

Stop Wage Garnishment

The tax code is extremely complicated, there are so many new rules to follow that even a CPA has to work to get it right. We have a team of Tax Practitioners, CPA's, Enrolled Agents that can Guarantee you the best chance at saving serious money.

Complex Scenarios

Not everyone can file a 1040 EZ and be done with it! If you have several jobs, own Real Estate, are Recently Divorced, or run a Small Business, filing your taxes can be a nightmare. Ask for help, it could save you thousands of dollars.

Why You Can Trust Us

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"Our Mission is to Bring Integrity Back to the Industry we Love and Work in Daily - One Client at a Time"

Experts IRS Practitioners

Our tax debt professionals have years of experience negotiating with the IRS and have assisted thousands of clients

No Hiddens Fees
All Flate Rates

We are not going to shock you or add to your debt. Our team will let you know exactly where you stand and how much it will cost before you decide anything. We charge flate rate fees for all our service and can break them up into interest free payments.

10 Day Money Back Guarantee

Every case has a 10 day full money back guarantee. So you can stop worrying while we start resolving.

Learning Center

IRS debt settlement is the process in which a taxpayer, either an individual or a business who owes the federal government back taxes, is able to settle their debt. There are four main tax settlement plans that the IRS offers taxpayers; installment agreements, offer in compromise, currently not-collectible status and paying the debt in full.

When a taxpayer owes IRS debt, the federal government will add penalties and interest to the debt until it is paid off. The fastest way to handle IRS debt is to pay it in full, however some taxpayers cannot afford to pay the full amount of their back taxes. The IRS debt settlement program at Community Tax involves a two-step program in which our analysts help you get the debt resolved.

An IRS Offer in Compromise is a tax resolution program offered by the IRS for taxpayers who owe back taxes. If a taxpayer qualifies and the IRS accepts the Offer in Compromise, the taxpayer will be able to pay back the debt for a fraction of the total amount owed. This amount is determined by using financial information submitted to the IRS to calculate the ”Reasonable Collection Potential” of the taxpayer.

Should a taxpayer qualify for an Offer in Compromise, the IRS will require them to pay back the agreed upon amount within six months in full, or else the offer will expire and the full debt will be owed. Filing an Offer in Compromise proposal can be complex, and using the assistance of a tax resolution company like Community Tax can greatly improve a taxpayer's likelihood of having their offer accepted.

Taxpayers who are have wage garnishment problems owe the IRS back taxes and have ignored multiple notices from the federal government to enter into a tax resolution program to resolve their issues. An IRS levy is the collection of tax debts from a delinquent taxpayer and can include wage garnishment, bank account garnishment, and even seizure of assets like homes and vehicles.

Certain taxpayers may be able to have their wage garnishment lifted if their levy has just begun and if they can show that the IRS is causing undue financial hardship by collecting. Some taxpayers can avoid wage garnishment by entering into a tax resolution program. Contacting a tax company like Community Tax can help clarify your options if you need to stop wage garnishment.

Taxpayers who need tax lien help have received notice from the IRS that a lien has been placed on their assets. These assets could be bank accounts, income, or assets. The IRS can collect an owed debt from a taxpayer by levying them after a period of 30 days has passed after a lien is placed.

To have a lien lifted, a taxpayer must first pay back the IRS debt, but in rare cases, may be able to have it lifted if they can enter a tax resolution plan and show that the lien is hurting their ability to pay back their tax debt. A tax company can assist you with understanding how to get tax lien help. Tax lien notice should not be ignored. Failing to handle an IRS lien notice will mean the inevitable seizure of homes, assets, bank accounts and even wage garnishment.

Taxpayers who fail to pay their income taxes on time must accept the consequences of having tax penalties and interest added to the amount they owed. The IRS adds half of a percent of the total tax every month that the debt goes unpaid. Should this percentage added reach 25%, the IRS will not add any more to the debt amount. Similarly, the interest added to the debt is half of a percent of the total amount due, but the interest continues until the debt is paid back.

Waiting to pay back income tax debts or get help with tax resolution can mean that a taxpayer will face larger amounts of money that they owe because of the tax penalties and interest. Entering into a tax resolution program can halt tax penalties from being added, but will not stop interest from accruing. The best way to resolve tax penalties and interest is to pay the full amount of the tax debt owed to the IRS.

Taxpayers who enlist the help of Community Tax will have the help of a team of tax professionals in preventing levy and seizure of their assets. If the IRS has sent notices to levy, there is very little time to wait before they begin seizing bank accounts, assets and even paychecks. Taxpayers who owe a tax debt cannot rely on the courts to delay any type of seizure the way some debtors can with other creditors. The IRS has the power to begin seizing assets after the allotted amount of time has passed after notice of their intent to levy.

Levy and seizure is the last thing that takes place when a taxpayer learns they owe the IRS back taxes. The IRS will send many notices to the taxpayer including a notice of tax debt, a notice about placing a lien on them and a notice of intent to levy. Individuals or businesses that ignore these warnings and take no steps to enter into a tax resolution program like an installment agreement will end up being levied.

Businesses that owe back payroll tax will be pursued aggressively by IRS collections. The best solution for these businesses is to solve these issues as quickly as possible. Failing to take action towards a tax resolution can mean the IRS will levy the amount owed through seizure or garnishment. Having a business's bank accounts or accounts receivable garnished can mean the end of operation for some businesses.

Contacting a tax resolution company for assistance with negotiating for an affordable payroll tax payment plan can mean the difference between a business closing and a business continuing operation. Tax professionals at Community Tax can help you complete IRS Form 433-B and determine the ideal way to pay back the tax debt. They may also be able to negotiate for another type of tax resolution plan should your business qualify for other programs.

Every year, about 2% of the population is audited by the IRS. These audits are chosen via random selection, mismatching information received by the IRS that indicates discrepancies with a taxpayer's income tax returns, or because of other circumstances that require the need for an audit. When the IRS audits and individual, they may do so through mail or by sending an agent to a taxpayer's home. In some cases, the IRS only requires the taxpayer to conduct an interview at an IRS field office.

Taxpayers have a right to hire a tax professional to represent them before the IRS. The use of a company like Community Tax can greatly improve a taxpayer's odds of having the audit process go smoothly and no surprises to cause problems. Experienced tax professionals can help taxpayers file unfiled income tax returns and find the necessary financial paperwork to present to the IRS to ensure that the audit does not continue for too long.

If you filed a 2015 income tax extension before the April 15th deadline this year, your extension deadline is on October 15th, 2014. The extension does not extend the due date to pay the IRS your owed taxes. If you owe income tax to the federal government, pay the amount due to avoid interest and possible penalties from non-payment.

Community Tax has a team of tax preparers and CPAs that can assist you with filing your 2015 income taxes before the IRS deadline. If you need assistance with your income tax return, or are afraid you owe the IRS back taxes, contact a member of our team today for a free consultation. Our tax preparation team helps taxpayers across the country prepare and file their income tax returns every year and keeps client information on file to make the next year's income taxes a quick and easy process.

Tax resolutions are for delinquent taxpayers who need to pay back the IRS but cannot afford the full amount of the debt they owe. The IRS offers tax resolution programs for these taxpayers as a way to ensure that the debt is collected and also relieve any hardship that the tax debt will cause taxpayers who have extremely hard financial circumstances. There are three general types of tax resolution, the offer in compromise, installment agreements and currently non-collectible status.

A tax company that specializes in IRS income tax resolution like Community Tax can help a taxpayer get the resolution they need and qualify for before the IRS places a lien against them or begins levy actions. Taxpayers can avoid collection actions by taking steps to enter into a tax resolution. Contact Community Tax for a free consultation and more information about these types of tax resolutions.

Community Tax assists taxpayers with income tax preparation every year. Whether the client is an individual or a business owner, Community Tax's team of experienced tax preparers and licensed CPAs can help the taxpayer file their income tax return on time and ensure that their taxes are filed accurately. Our team operates as two units. The first unit prepares customer income tax returns and ensures all tax credits and itemizations are accurately prepared. The second unit then reviews the income tax return for accuracy.

Our income tax preparation team helps thousands of taxpayers every year with their returns. Community Tax also offers Bookkeeping services for businesses. Our accountants and CPAs will prepare annual, quarterly and even monthly reports, assist with payroll and other financial needs for businesses that wish to save on hiring an in-house accountant. Contact Community Tax today for more information about our income tax preparation and bookkeeping services.

Whether you are a business owner or individual that is married filing separately, Community Tax has an experienced team of tax attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents and tax preparers who can help you with your specific needs. If you owe the IRS tax debt, our team will help you determine the best method to pay back the IRS or help you get into an IRS tax resolution. If you need income tax preparation assistance, our team of tax preparers and CPAs can help you get the tax savings you deserve. Our team of CPAs and accountants can also assist your small to medium sized business with your bookkeeping needs, to keep your costs low and profits high.

Community Tax cares about each customer and helps them with custom tax solutions. No two taxpayers have the same situation, income, tax debt, or filing status, so our team works with every customer that hires us to create the most ideal solution for their issues. Contact us today for more information and for a free consultation about our services.

Our Process

Step 1: Investigation

Our Investigation process begins by filing a Tax Authorization Information Form 8821 with the IRS and/or the appropriate form for the State Taxing authority on your behalf in order to obtain a complete record of your account. Your dedicated practitioner will then make a phone call to the dedicated priority practitioner services line in order to determine additional important information regarding your tax liabilities. At the same time, our investigative team will analyze your financials and compare them to the IRS or applicable state's allowable standards in order to determine the best course of action given your specific situation. Upon completion of our investigation, you will be contacted with our findings, and be given your options with regards to resolving your tax issues once and for all.

Step 2: Tax Prep & Resolution

The resolution phase of our process begins by gathering more in depth financial information and supporting documentation in order to prepare an in depth proposal for submission to the IRS and/or State. Many resolutions require significant follow up, and contact with the IRS and/or State. The length of time to obtain a resolution of your tax liabilities can last anywhere from 1 week to as long as one year, and depends on the program for which you qualify for. Upon completion of the resolution, we will contact you to explain the specific details of your resolution, and give you any important information necessary to ensure that this problem doesn't reoccur. Community Tax will also remain on file as Power of Attorney to guarantee that there are no complications. During the course of our tax resolution program and beyond, you may get in touch with our tax professionals at any time with questions, concerns or changes you may have to make. Our team is here for you and our goal is to not only fix your tax issues, but to keep you tax debt free in the future, and become your destination for all future tax needs.


Hello, my name is Michael, and Community Tax Relief really did get me out of a bind that I had gotten myself into. They don't lie. They did what they said they were going to do. Take this serious because I was in serious trouble and they came through like champions. That's a fact. Thank you very much.

Michael C., Sheridan, AZ April 2013
Tax Liability: $20,000 • Resolution Plan: Currently Non Collectible Status

Thank you very much. This is Pat, and Community Tax Relief did everything I needed. I was like 10 years behind and they got me all straightened out and did exactly what I needed and the IRS even came back on me. And they got me money back and did everything I needed them to do. Thank you very much. I appreciate everything that you did. Thank you.

Patrick K., Arcadia, FL April 2013
Tax Liability: $32,000 • Resolution Plan: Installment Agreement

This is Blanca Rodriguez. I was a little skeptical at first because the business was out of state. CTR is in Chicago and I live in California. However, your customer service was great and they always returned my calls on time with answers to my questions. They settled ten years of tax returns for less than pennies on the dollar. I'm a true believer.

Blanca R., El Monte, CA April 2013
Tax Liability: $61,129 • Resolution Plan: Offer in Compromise - Settled For $500

The road for me wasn't smooth all along, but together we made it to the end. I appreciate all the patience that Community Tax has shown to me. I'm glad that that we were able to work together to make my issue with the IRS history through your service. Thank you so much, Community Tax and have a happy and joyful 2014!

Baba-Oumar T., Newark, NJ January 2014
Liability:$10,000 • Tax Resolution: Offer in Compromise

About Us

Community Tax is a Full Service Tax company with tax professionals experienced in Tax Debt Resolution, Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping/Accounting services. We have extensive knowledge of tax preparation and tax debt relief issues. We understand that your needs can be stressful and will work diligently to provide the best customer experience possible to put your mind at ease.

Community Tax was created by Attorneys and Bankers with years of experience in both tax debt resolution and financial services. Our mission is to create a new standard for the industry, in which the customer and their best interest truly come first. We have grown tired of seeing clients getting taken advantage of and paying outrageous upfront fees for which they receive little to no service in return. Too many clients are turned away from our competitors because they couldn't pay high upfront fees. Our corporate philosophy is that no client should pay full price for a service until they know what their options are and what kind of help they can expect from us.


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